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*The first two authors contributed equally to this paper
co-corresponding authors


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*The first two authors contributed equally to this paper
co-corresponding authors


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Rapid Biosensing Method for Detecting Protein–DNA Interactions
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*The first two authors contributed equally to this paper
co-corresponding authors



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co-corresponding authors


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co-corresponding authors



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-One of the top-five most cited articles published in the journal Developmental
Biology during the period 1/1/2009-31/12/2011 



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-Potential applications of this study were discussed in: Perkel, J.M. (2007)
Studies you can use. The Scientist, 21,63


2001 and earlier

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*The first four authors contributed equally to this paper


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*The first three authors contributed equally to this paper


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Optimized core promoters and uses thereof

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